Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn miles with Lyft?

SkyMiles Members need to link their SkyMiles and Lyft accounts via in order to earn miles with the Delta SkyMiles program. Once your accounts are linked, make sure you select 'Delta SkyMiles' as your preferred travel rewards partner and complete a ride with Lyft to earn miles. It’s that simple.

Does my name in my SkyMiles account need to match the name in my Lyft account profile?

Yes. The name of the SkyMiles account number you enter on needs to match with the name of the Lyft account profile. SkyMiles Members can only earn miles for bookings made from their own Lyft accounts.

If I am not currently a member of the Delta SkyMiles program, how do I sign up?

You may click here to complete an enrollment form and become a SkyMiles Member.

If I currently do not have a Lyft account, how do I sign up?

You may click here to create an account and become a Lyft user.

Do I have to visit every time to earn miles?

No. Once your accounts are successfully linked, you do not need to visit again to earn miles with each Lyft ride. After linking your accounts, make sure you have selected Delta SkyMiles as your preferred Travel Reward in the ‘Rewards’ tab in your Lyft app to earn miles on all eligible rides.

Can I request mileage credit for rides that I previously took before linking my accounts?

No. Earning miles is exclusively for SkyMiles Members who have active linked accounts at the time the ride is completed.

I’ve linked my accounts. Where can I see the miles I earned for rides?

Keep track of your miles on Simply log in to your SkyMiles account at to see your mileage balance and activity.

How soon after I complete a ride will I see miles post to my account?

Miles can take up to 10 business days after your ride is completed to post to your SkyMiles account. If more than 10 business days have passed since you completed your ride and miles have not been posted to your account, please contact SkyMiles Account Support by visiting the Comment page. Please ensure that the ride(s) in question have been validated by the Lyft Help Center before contacting SkyMiles Account Support.

Will my miles earned with SkyMiles expire?

No. With SkyMiles, miles never expire. SkyMiles Program Rules apply.

Do I have to do anything on the Lyft app once I’ve linked my accounts?

Yes. To receive miles with every ride, visit the ‘Rewards’ tab in your Lyft app and make sure Delta SkyMiles is your selected travel rewards partner.

If there are multiple people riding together who have linked their accounts, can everyone earn miles?

No. Only the Lyft rider who made the ride request with their Lyft app can earn miles as long as his/her accounts were linked on prior to requesting the ride.

What is required to be eligible for the New Lyft Rider offer?

This offer is only valid for SkyMiles Members who become new Lyft users and sign up for Lyft via Members who are already signed up with Lyft and completed a ride are not eligible for the New Rider offer but will be eligible to earn miles with every Lyft ride.

Once I’ve signed up for Lyft as a New Lyft Rider and linked my accounts, do I need to take any further action?

Yes. You'll receive an SMS confirming that your Lyft account has been activated. Once received, you should make sure that you have downloaded the Lyft app, and then begin taking rides to start earning miles. Your new user credit will be auto-applied to your account and first two rides.

How do I use my two (2) $10 – a total value of $20 – New Lyft Rider credits?

SkyMiles Members who are New Lyft Riders will receive two (2) $10 credits – a total value of $20 – automatically in their “Promos” section of their Lyft account profile. A credit will be automatically applied to your first and second Lyft rides.

I was given the two (2) $10 credits – a total value of $20 – but it didn’t work. What can I do?

If you are having problems using your credits, passengers should refer to the Lyft Help Center.

Is there a time limit for how long I have to use my two (2) $10 credits – a total value of $20?

Yes. You need to complete your first and second Lyft rides within 60 days of signing up for Lyft and linking your SkyMiles account.

Once my accounts are actively linked, are there any specific ride types I have to take to earn the standard mileage offer of 1 mile per dollar?

This offer is valid on all Lyft rides (currently Lyft Shuttle, Lyft Line, Lyft Classic, Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier, and Lyft Access) where Lyft operates.

Is there a cap on the number of miles I can earn for Lyft rides?

No. The sky is the limit! Once your accounts are actively linked, mileage earning is unlimited.

Will I still earn miles if I request and complete a ride on my Lyft Business account?

Yes. As long as your business profile is the same as the profile that is linked with your SkyMiles account.

What Lyft charges are eligible to earn miles?

Ride fees for Lyft Line, Lyft Classic, Lyft Plus, Lyft Shuttle, Lyft Premier, and Lyft Access are all applicable for earning miles. Government imposed taxes and fees, tolls and tip are not eligible for mileage credit.

What if I, as a rider, have to pay in another currency other than USD?

The Lyft app does not allow for transactions other than USD. All miles will be calculated based on USD currency.

Is there a surcharge for Lyft rides that earn miles?

No. There are no additional charges associated to earning Delta miles for your Lyft rides.

I tried to link accounts, but it would not work. Can I still earn miles? What should I do?

If you have attempted to link your SkyMiles and Lyft accounts, but were unsuccessful, you may still be able to link accounts. If you were unable to link your accounts you should have received an error message. If the error message was related to your SkyMiles account, please contact SkyMiles Account Support by visiting the Comment page to submit your claim or to speak to a representative visit the Talk To Us page. If the error message was related to your Lyft account, please contact the Lyft Help Center.

I cannot find my SkyMiles number. How can I look it up so I can complete account linking?

Please visit and click on the link that reads, “Forgot Your Number? Look it up.” And follow the prompts to look up your SkyMiles Account Number. Your number will be emailed to you. Once you receive it, please return to and enter in your information to link accounts.

I took a ride and did not receive miles. How can I get the miles I earned?

Please contact SkyMiles Account Support by visiting the Comment page to submit your claim or to speak to a representative visit the Talk To Us page. Please ensure that the ride(s) in question have been validated by the Lyft Help Center before contacting SkyMiles Account Support.

I’ve previously linked my SkyMiles and Lyft accounts but just got a new phone number, what can I do?

To update your Lyft account that is currently connected to your SkyMiles account, visit and begin the linking process again. You will receive a message identifying your SkyMiles account is currently linked. Simply continue the process to verify and update your Lyft account. Only one SkyMiles account and Lyft account can be connected at a time.

I would like to unlink my accounts. How can I do this?

Visit the Lyft Connected Services page. Scroll down to "Connected Apps" and tap "Revoke" next to Delta SkyMiles.

I previously linked my accounts but recently deleted my Lyft app. If I download it again, are my accounts still linked?

Yes, the accounts will still be linked even if you uninstall and reinstall the Lyft app. The only way to unlink your Lyft account from the Delta SkyMiles program is to visit the Lyft Connected Services page

Can I earn miles as a Lyft driver?

No. Unfortunately, Delta and Lyft do not currently offer a mileage earning opportunity for Lyft drivers. But, drivers can earn unlimited miles through this partnership when traveling as a passenger.

If I’ve linked my accounts, request a ride and split the fare with another user who has linked their accounts, will we both receive miles?

If a Lyft ride fare is split among multiple users, only the requesting user will earn miles on the ride.

* Excludes taxes, fees, tolls and tips.